Welcomeeee to my blog!!!

   My name is Vicky and i am old..28 years old!! :D :D
I have been thinking of creating a blog over and over again for at least 2-3 years or more (actually since i started following other popular or less popular blogs)!
But...this chilly February night (that i was prettyyy bored but creative) i decided to gooooo for it!! :D
I will try to combine my big loves..Fashion,Beauty,Food!Of course i am not professional in any of those fields (i wish i was...) but i am a hugeeee lover and addict!So please forgive my any lack of "professionalism"...I will try my best!
I hope there are many of us out there,that share the same addiction...so we can share our tips,ideas and dreams! ♥

I hope you enjoy it ♥


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