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Easy mini pizza!

   Who doesn't love pizza?????? :D
Why ordering in,spending a lottt of money and eating something full of preservatives??Make your own pizzas with fresh and healthy ingredients!
It is an easy meal for when you are bored to cook something more complexed and difficult, for when your friends crash at your place uninvited and for when your boy occupies the couch watching football matches and asking you to cook something nice!!:D


Basil/tomatoe/feta cheese pizza
  • Mini pittas (Greek pitas for souvlaki)...You can instead use naan bread.
  • 1 tomatoe in slices
  • pesto sauce
  • feta cheese
Bacon/Yellow cheese
  • 4 slices bacon
  • Edam cheese
  • pecorino cheese
  • ketchup
  • ham or pariza
  • (you can add peppers,mushrooms etc)

Just add all the ingredients (first the pesto sauce or ketchup and then the rest) in the pitas and bake in a preheated oven in 180-200degrees until the cheese melts!
Make sure to put a piece of foil or greaseproof underneath the pizzas in order not to stick in the pan!

The final result!

And the pizzas are readyyy!!Easy huh??? Bon appetit!!


  1. AAA πολύ ωραία και η δική σου συνταγή!!Θα την δοκιμάσω!!!:) http://glitter1990.blogspot.gr/

    1. ta ftiaxnw polu suxna giati einai grigora kai apolaustika!!!!!!!! :D :D
      kai vazw oti exw sto psugeio mou! ;)


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