Looks of the Week...♥

   These are the looks that drew my attention this week!
Some of them are pretty old..but checking at my laptop files,i fell again in love with them!

 AAAHhhh...i don't know why...but the first outfit with the super cropped sweater make me drool sooo much!The "weird" sweater,the spiked collar of the shirt,the beautiful chain bag...Everything is pretty!

Denim on denim...Add a gorgeous fur and a chanel bag and you're ready to go!

Prints are difficult and tricky...Especially an all over print like here...The yellow coat balances and brightens the "flatness" of the outfit!

Total denim look is very trendy the last few months!I kinda like it...but be careful!It can be Amazingly stylish...or Amazingly kitch!
Try two combine different shades of denim material,so it won't seem like a "uniform" and flat!
I just adore Duma Miroslava's look!Excellent taste...:)

Another great trend that started last year is Leather!!In everythingggggg...I adore the look of Aimee in the last photo!Simple but chic and feminine!
I would love to find a shapely leather skirt like that! ♥

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