Nail Polish Collection!!

Nail Polish Collection!! (Part 2)

Hellooo ladies!!This is the second part of my nail polish collection...

Reds /Oranges

From left to right: Orly Smolder,Essie Carry On,Rilken 19,Maybelline Cherry Sin,Erre Due 23,Essie Lollipop,Essie Ole Caliente,Opi The Spy Who Loved Me,Opi GoldenEye

Same order as above

  1.  Orly Smolder...Deep burgundy with beautiful shimmer (2 coats).Amazingly rich colour perfect for winter holidays!
  2. Essie Carry on...deep plum colour.Very interesting polish!(2 coats)
  3. Rilken no19 ...Prettyyyy berry red colour.The consistency isn't so great though :( (3 coats)
  4. Maybelline Cherry Sin...Cherry of my faves!(2 coats)
  5. Erre Due no23...Blood red..deep and creamy!(2 coats)
  6. Essie Lollipop...Perfect classy,chic red!Essie describes it as lollipop - candy cane red!(2coats)Veryyy smooth application!
  7. Essie Ole Caliente...Bright Coral red,perfect for summerrr!!(2 coats)
  8. Opi The Spy Who Loved Me...Gorgeous red with golden shimmer!Great opacity...Ideal for Winter holidays and special occasions!(2 coats)
  9. Opi GoldenEye..yellow golden shimmer (3coats)

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